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I am a committed, dedicated professional and avid student in the field of human potential. I teach about how what we think creates our behaviours and results in life. I run trainings, workshops and see clients to help them achieve their desires in life!

My mission is to inspire others to remove the blocks that are stopping them from being their best self, reconnect them to that part of themselves (their unconscious mind) that has all of the resources & learnings which will allow one to gain deeper love & respect for one's self. I truly believe from what I have observed in my 11 years of coaching is that one’s life is a direct reflection of the amount of self-love one has for themselves.

To serve people, I have created my signature program; Your Happily Ever After, Learning to Love Who You Are and Creating A Life You Love.

I have been teaching NLP & Matrix Therapies for the last 7 years and am now loving bringing in ancient wisdom from my spiritual adventures around the world and further study in the 22 principles of consciousness. I am very excited to be now teaching this through Archetypes in 3 special weekends;

  1. Finding Your Passion & Purpose 
  2. Masculine & Feminine Coaching
  3. Advanced Matrix Therapies 

All created by Pip McKay.

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Mobile: 0405 835 686