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Our mission is to connect trainers and practitioners around the world for support and resources to increase awareness of the amazing service they offer world wide. We recognize the top 1% of trainers and practitioners in the fields of: 

 Life Coaching

 Business Coaching

 Conscious Hypnosis - Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy - Stage Hypnosis - Meditation

 NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

 Mindology - Time Line and regression

 Memory Line Coaching and therapy

 NLH (Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy)

Life Coaching and Business Coaching principles and processes. It's about principles, not techniques that get results.

Everything you want is a feeling. The feelings in our body are the way we navigate through the universe.

The principles are what navigate self sabotage, negative emotional experiences that accumulate and prevent motivation, creativity that are all driven by fear.

The ICHNS is a group of supportive businesses and people who connect with this passion of helping people. Join our society and make life a priority!

To discover the affordability and flexibility the society can move with you to improve and grow you individual or team based happiness. Call us or email us for a membership form,

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